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Fairness Cream

Better Complexion Milk Protein Cream with White Crystallites Complex 
  1. Superb Fairness
  2. Extra Nourishment
  3. Radiant Glow

Lala's Fairness Cream is a unique formulation with natural ingredients. Lala's Fairness Cream ensures ease of application and faster absorption, this provides better nourishment to your skin. It works through the whole day, to give a fairer complexion every day. Lala's Fairness Cream has Papaya extracts, which helps, clean, smoothen and regenerate your delicate skin.
Avocado , which is rich in 30 essential Nutrients, mainly being Vitamin B. Vitamin B helps in improvement of skin moisturisation. It helps improve the appearance of ageing skin. Skin ageing is characterized by major skin changes like reduced skin elasticity, poor structure and wrinkles. Avocado is known to help prevent wrinkle formation, and premature ageing due to dehydration.



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