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Apricot Scrub

Lalas Apricot Scrub is made of natural apricot and almond shell powder. It not only removes dead skin and impurities but nourishes and moisturizes the skin also to give a softer & healthier look. Less Wrinkles: An abrasive scrub like one formulated with apricot kernels helps get rid of the old, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to allow new skin to regrow. Over time, this exfoliating action can help get rid of fine lines and small wrinkles and damaged surface cells. Moisturization: Some apricot scrubs include apricot kernel oil. This natural oil has moisturizing properties to help keep your skin cells hydrated, the inclusion of the apricot-based emollient can help counter act any drying effects associated with exfoliating your skin, thus ensuring a healthier and softer skin surface.





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