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Aloe Triphala Ras

1. Stimulates the body's own healing mechanism, as it eliminates toxins out of body and keeps cells and tissues functional & active.

2. Prevents tissue damage and delays ageing.

3. For post menopausal conditions like weakness, nervousness, osteoporosis.

4. For digestive problems like indigestion , Acidity, Constipation.

5. As a liver tonic.

6. As blood purifier Reduces complications in diabetes.

7. In cancer, it boosts immunity, reduces side effects in chemotherapy, retards growth of tumour.

8. In Aids, it is an energy supplement, prevents infection, enable weight gain, Increases life span.

9. Good tonic for cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis


10 to 20ml twice a day with water/honey or as directed by the physician


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